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Pulmonary rehabilitation classes

Pulmonary rehabilitation classes Two leisure centres in West Oxfordshire are now holding additional pulmonary rehabilitation classes as the number of referrals soar.

Numbers attending the pulmonary rehabilitation sessions at West Oxfordshire District Council’s Windrush Leisure Centre, Witney have doubled since they started in April and classes are now also offered at Chipping Norton Leisure Centre.

When you have a lung problem, particularly a long-term one, it can be difficult to move around or do normal daily activities without getting breathless, which can lead to feeling easily tired and often exhausted. The rehabilitation classes give those with lung disease and other breathing problems such as chronic asthma, the opportunity to exercise to help them improve their fitness and wellbeing.

The sessions have been organised by the District Council’s leisure contractor Nexus Community and the Pulmonary Team from the Churchill Hospital. Attendees are referred by the Hospital after completing a 10-week course of exercise and education locally.

Heidi Portlock, Health Promotion Co-ordinator at Nexus Community said “Pulmonary rehabilitation is about helping to take control of the condition. The classes don’t offer a cure, but they help people feel better and more able to perform everyday activities.

“People will get out of breath when they undertake the programme, but this is part of the therapy. We monitor everyone closely and never ask them to do more than they really think they can”.

The one hour classes include:
· Exercise to increase aerobic endurance, strength and flexibility
· The chance to meet others in a friendly, sociable and supportive environment
· Help and advice

William Langley, 91, of Witney has been attending the classes at Windrush Leisure Centre for 5 weeks. He gave up smoking some 50 years ago but still gets out of breath. He said “I like coming to the classes, they’re a good incentive to get out and about and the exercises are good for me. I walk into town everyday so I don’t use all the equipment in the gym such as the treadmill but I do like the chest press - that’s my favourite as it feels like I’m working hard.”

Mr Langley went on to say “I feel better for attending the classes, although I do sometimes feel a bit stiff the next day although I like to think that’s a sign that I’ve worked hard.”

Cllr Richard Langridge, Cabinet Member for Local Economy and Communities said: “It is fantastic news that people who attend the classes, such as Mr Langley, are already feeling less breathless doing day-to-day activities.

“Many of us take these everyday activities for granted and the fact that these classes are improving people’s quality of life can only be a good thing.”

For more information contact your GP/respiratory nurse or call Heidi Portlock on 07825 670421 or email heidi.portlock@westoxon.gov.uk

Posted : 09/11/2011 15:20:38

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