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Snow and West Oxon District Council services

Waste and recycling collections in West Oxfordshire have been suspended due to snow and icy road conditions.

West Oxfordshire District Council hope that any outstanding collections will be completed before the end of the week but this is dependent on the weather conditions.

To assist in clearing any backlog, garden waste collections have been cancelled this week allowing our crews to concentrate on providing rubbish collections and food and black box recycling collections. Garden waste collections will resume from 17 January.

Please could residents whose waste has not been collected, leave their rubbish bins, food bins and recycling boxes out for collection until the evening of Friday 24 December.

Cllr David Harvey, Cabinet Member for the Environment said “We will be trying our utmost to reach as many areas as possible but the roads are very icy and dangerous. Collections have been suspended for the safety for our bin men, and residents and their property”.

If the bins cannot be collected this week then the Council’s revised collection dates for the festive Bank Holiday will come into play.

Residents are reminded to check their bank holiday collection dates on the calendar sent out in November or check online at www.westoxon.gov.uk. They can also sign up online for email updates of any service disruption due to bad weather and reminders of bin collection days.

The changes are as follows:

Normal collection --> Revised date:
Friday 24 December --> As normal
Monday 27 December --> Tuesday 28 December
Tuesday 28 December --> Wednesday 29 December
Wednesday 29 December --> Thursday 30 December
Thursday 30 December --> Friday 31 December
Friday 31 December --> Tuesday 4 January
Monday 3 January --> Wednesday 5 January
Tuesday 4 January --> Thursday 6 January
Wednesday 5 January --> Friday 7 January
Thursday 6 January --> Saturday 8 January
Friday 7 January --> Monday 10 January
Monday 10 January --> Tuesday 11 January
Tuesday 11 January --> Wednesday 12 January
Wednesday 12 January --> Thursday 13 January
Thursday 13 January --> Friday 14 January
Friday 14 January --> Saturday 15 January
Monday 17 January --> Normal collections resume.

Over Christmas the average household will throw away much more waste than usual and so the Council is operating a weekly household rubbish (light grey bins) collection immediately after Christmas up until mid-January. From mid-January the pattern of alternating rubbish and garden waste collections will resume.

In addition to weekly household rubbish collections, weekly recycling and food waste will continue to be collected.

Below is a reminder of recycling opportunities in West Oxfordshire:

Black box recycling - extra recycling can be put out next to black recycling boxes in either open clear sacks or carrier bags, although there can only be one type of material per bag ie plastics or paper or card. For health and safety reasons, glass must go in the recycling box.

Food waste – any food waste, cooked or raw can go in your food waste bin. This includes the turkey carcass, vegetable peelings and leftovers from Christmas meals.

Festive greenery and real Christmas trees can be put out as part of the household garden waste collection. Simply remove the pot and decorations and place in your garden waste bin, or cut it up and leave it beside it. Anyone not signed up for garden waste collections, can still put their real Christmas tree out for collection on the green collection week.

In addition to the above extra recycling can be taken to banks situated in car parks or waste and recycling centres at Dix Pitt, Chadlington or Dean Pitt at Standlake.

For enquiries or more information visit: www.westoxon.gov.uk or phone 01993 861025.

Posted : 20/12/2010 12:02:27

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