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Witney Neighbourhood Management Update - July

Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Duncan Johnson provides the monthly update for July:


“Over the next fortnight we will be in various locations asking you, the public, to tell us the problems you feel we should be tackling over the next 12 months. This engagement will culminate with the team appearing at the Leys on Saturday 12 July for Witney carnival day. Please come along so that we can tackle your issues in your neighbourhood.

“Unfortunately underage drinking and its associated anti-social behaviour have been on the rise again locally as we enter the summer months. The team is out regularly patrolling and we have made significant seizures. PCSOs Giles and Waller confiscated 170 units of alcohol in one evening at the beginning of the month. PCSOs James, Hale, Rabson and Andrews also seized 85 units on Friday 20 June. All seizures were from teenagers in Downs Road, Witney.

“While conducting searches on young people for alcohol and tobacco, the team has discovered cannabis on six separate occasions which has required a police officer’s attendance in order to deal.

“Following on from last month’s update we are pleased to report that a number of young people have been arrested following the series of incidents of damage to vehicles.

“Don’t forget if you see someone damaging property this is more than likely to be criminal activity; please contact us and tell us what you have seen on 0845 8 505 505 or email witney@whosmybobby.co.uk. If the crime is in progress, call 999. Here are some points to look for when trying to help us catch these individuals:

• Name
• Approximate age
• Gender
• Race
• Height
• Clothing
• Hair colour and style
• Any marks, scars, piercings, tattoos or other identifying features
• What the individual is carrying

If a vehicle is involved try to get:

• Make
• Model
• Colour
• Full or part of the registration number
• Last direction of travel

“This information is extremely valuable to us and can help us crack down on those who believe it is acceptable to damage other people’s property.

“The team also participated at the Woodgreen School prom night. Vehicles were ushered through a one-way system allowing for a smooth entrance to the event and there was very little congestion to traffic in the area.

“The team has undertaken further Speed Indicator Device (SID) operations in Minster Lovell, Burford Road and Oxford Hill in Witney. These locations were chosen following the deployment of a device used to measure the speed of vehicles over a very wide timescale on a single road. The results from the SID are encouraging given that there appears to be no need for enforcement at the sites presently. If you believe that speeding is a problem on your road let us know and we can look into it for you.

“PCSO Hilary Rabson and PCSO Emma Andrews were one of the first units on the scene at the incident at Eastfield Road involving the tragic drowning of Max Sullivan-Webb. The rest of the team provided high visibility reassurance patrols over the next couple of days to support the local community.”


“We are still having problems with criminal damage and minor thefts at the allotments just off the A415. The team has increased their patrols but if you have any information please contact us.

“The mobile police station will be by the village pond on Thursday 10 July between 2.30pm and 4pm. This will be your chance to tell us what problems you would like the team to tackle over the coming year.”


“The main road through the centre of the village has been identified as a speeding site. The Safer Roads Partnership will be holding speed enforcement days at various times in the months to come.”

Minster Lovell

“It has been a very quiet month. We have had a car stolen from Brize Norton Road sometime between 13 and 14 June and a motorbike stolen from the JSP Factory on Saturday 14 June.

“The mobile police station will be outside the post office in Brize Norton Road on Friday 11 July between 2.30pm and 4pm. Please come along to answer a few questions from the team and let them know the problems in your area.”


“There was only one crime this month being the theft of lead from the church roof. Investigations are underway but if you saw anything suspicious then please let us know.”

“Finally I’d like to say farewell to PCSO Kat Giles who has recently left the team to pursue a career as a police officer. Kat is currently training at one of the local police colleges and on completion will move to Cowley police station. Our loss is Cowley’s gain.

“I would also like to introduce our newest member of the team. PCSO Mari Claire Tutty is stepping into Kat’s shoes. I am sure Witney will benefit from her arrival from the Neighbourhood Team at Cowley. She has more than two years’ experience as a PCSO on the Blackbird Leys estate and we look forward to working with her.”

Posted : 07/07/2008 10:19:30

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