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New target for youth radio station

Just Oxfordshire is a local radio group and has been operating since 2005 and aims to win a permanent FM community radio licence and serve the towns of Witney, Carterton and surrounding villages.

Following three extremely successful trial broadcasts and two broadcasts set-up for other community groups, Just Oxfordshire is holding a 'meet' on Wednesday 13th of February at 7.30PM The location will be Madley Brook School, Madley Park, Witney to discuss the next broadcast in March.
The group also plan to unveil their new direction, how they intend to target new members and how that will take if forward into the next phase of the project.

The Radio station currently has no on air staff older than 19!

Chairman Andy MacLarty said: "Just Oxfordshire needs to change now, we don't want to be seen as a group of people telling the audience what's what, that's why Radio stations fail, because they don't pay attention to their listeners"

"I hated being told what was good to listen to by Radio 1 DJ's in the '80's when most of them were older than my parents, remember the Relax fiasco where a Radio 1 D.J banned the most popular record of the year?"

"Why should we expect our 11-18 year old audience to think any differently? We just give them the tools and skills to do the job, it's up to them to make shows that are fun and exciting to their friends".

"What's more interesting is there's no radio aimed at young people in our area at all, we intend to fill this gap, but get our audience to be the main part of it".

"Young people are a far more loyal audience, but deserve to be taken seriously, the only reason big radio groups don't really target them is because they have no real spending power - therefore advertisers are not interested".

Just Oxfordshire will also be changing it's name with a fresh new logo and a completely new website that will act as a portal for information about getting involved and to allow listeners online access to the radio station.
The station also aims to remove the link to prejudices - namely that young people do all crime and there's nothing to do.

"Young people have loads to say, with their own music, the future of the radio station. Who know's, it may help create the next superstar DJ or music producer".

"Young people use lots of ways to communicate, but there is a desire to have a shared experience and radio is the perfect way to do it. We know how to use the technology really well and link our listeners to us in a way they'll really like, after all, we've been doing it for three years already".

Jason said: "I love this idea, it's a station run by us, for us, that's our dream and we want to make it the best"
Lisa said: "I wanted to get into journalism, and this is the perfect opportunity for me".
Kirsty said: "We all knew the radio station needed a new name and direction, thankfully the team made the right choice and at the right time too"

Team members will be visiting local schools over the next few weeks to ask pupils about how they'd like the station to sound and tell them how to get involved.

Posted : 05/02/2008 17:49:32

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