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Witney neighbourhood management update

PC Pam Delahay gives the following update: "It has been six months since we launched Neighbourhood Management in the Witney area and at that time we promoted the team in various ways, one of these being posters showing you all the officers. Due to changes in staff for various reasons these are now out of date. However, a new website launched last month will be able to assist you in checking on the present team and give you the opportunity to print off a new poster, the address for the site is www.whosmybobby.co.uk.

"The launch received some press coverage and in the week after it went live the website had over 13,000 hits, in fact you may well be reading this update on the site. If you find the site interesting then make sure you pass the information on to your neighbours or friends who may also be able to use the website.

"The team has been focusing on the anti-social behaviour issue in various parts of the neighbourhood during the last month. This has included the area of The Leys in Witney, where two seizure warning notices have been issued to owners of vehicles, due to the manner in which they were being driven.

"The team has also, with other colleagues, been doing extra patrols to try and prevent damage offences, which is another of the Neighbourhood priorities and these patrols will continue. This patrol activity has led to a number of arrests during the last month and also assisted in reducing the number of offences.

"As well as the enforcement of these issues, members of the team assisted the Neighbourhood Action Group to organise and run the YAZ (Youth Activity Zone) event held at the Langdale Hall. This was the first event of its type run by the NAG and the idea behind it was to give the youth of the area a chance to see what clubs/activities are out there for them to participate in and for them to receive advice from various agencies. The Nag will be reviewing the event at their next meeting and doing some follow up work to try and produce an information leaflet for the youth of the area.

"The team has also been assisting with a recruitment drive for PCSO'S (Police Community Support Officers). These members of the extended police family are a crucial part of the neighbourhood policing initiative. However, locally we have very few applying for the role, hence the campaign in Witney during the last couple of months. So, if you are interested in looking into this career opportunity or know someone that is then either look on the website: www.rewardingrole.co.uk or contact the team who will be able to assist. The next recruitment event we are holding takes place on Saturday the 7th October outside Sainsbury's store in Witney. Just look out for the Mobile Police Station and staff there will be able to answer any questions you have."

Posted : 03/10/2006 22:14:10

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