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Residents urged to go digital to check electoral registration details

Residents are being prompted to check their electoral registration details are correct and to act quickly to make their vote count.

The Council is writing to more than 47,000 households in the District asking them to confirm their details either by text, Freephone, online or post.

Individuals are also being encouraged to help keep public sector costs down by responding promptly and if possible electronically, when they receive their Household Enquiry Form.

If changes need to be made to the details sent, then the household is asked to notify the Council - preferably online - or by returning the form provided. If new individuals have moved in to the household or a member has turned 18, then they need to register to vote separately.

Electoral registration is a legal requirement that has to be to done each year and residents must be on the Electoral Register to be eligible to vote. For more details see https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Keith Butler, West Oxfordshire District Council’s Electoral Registration Officer, said: “It is imperative that residents ensure their details are correct so they can vote in upcoming elections.

“The best way to do it is digitally as it is the most cost effective for the public purse while being quick and easy. We are obliged to send out multiple reminders if we do not receive this information and would like to avoid doing this as much as possible.”

Any household which has not received an enquiry form by 29 August should contact the Council on 01993 861410 or email elections@westoxon.gov.uk

The Register is also often used by credit checking agencies and can be used for things such as getting a loan, mortgage or mobile phone contract. Other pitfalls of not being on the Register include not being eligible to apply for certain jobs which require security checks and not being able to open a bank account.

For more information see: www.westoxon.gov.uk/register

Posted : 23/08/2018 08:34:29

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