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Witney Farmers' Market, Witney

Witney Farmer's Market takes place on the 4th Friday in the month in the Market Place, (OX28 6AG) from 8:30am to 1:30pm.

Previously, the Witney Farmers' Market was held on the fourth Friday of the month at the Marriots Walk Shopping Centre (after moving from the third Wednesday of the month in the Market Place). The Witney Farmers' market is organised by the Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-Operative and usually runs from 08:30 to 13:30.

Thames Valley Farmers' Market Association started in 2000, to represent small producers and farmers selling direct to consumers at farmers' markets in the Thames Valley. In October 2003, the association became Thames Valley Farmers' Market Co-operative Ltd.

The Witney Farmers' Market provides a wide range of products including trout, smoked trout and pate, wide range of seasonal organic vegetables, fresh cut flowers, perennials, veg, plums, jams and pickles, top fruit, stone fruit, soft fruit & asparagus, traditional pork, sausages and bacon, pork, lamb, eggs and Xmas turkeys, bread, cakes and pastries, nursery, picked and PYO berry fruits, wine, still and sparkling, traditional preserves, eggs, apple juices, cakes and baked goods, liquid & set honey, honey comb, beeswax polish, candles, culinary and medicinal herbs, lamb, beef and lamb.

All producers and products follow these guidelines:

Locally produced - either a county boundary or a radius of 30 - 50 miles
Principle producer - The stallholder must be directly involved in production
Primary produce - Produce must be grown, reared or caught within the defined local area
Secondary produce - Produce must be brewed, pickled, baked, smoked or processed using ingredients from the defined local area

Source : Thames Valley Farmers' Market web site

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