Witney News - Witney Neighbourhood Management Update - Feb 08

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Witney Neighbourhood Management Update - Feb 08

Neighbourhood Specialist Officer PC Duncan Johnson provides the update this month:

“The team's final PCSO Isabel Webb has now finished her training and has been confirmed as an independently patrolling PCSO. She is the second rural PCSO to join the team which means the villages will now have double the visibility. You will see her out alongside PCSO Hilary Rabson.

“On Tuesday 8 January PCSO Swinney attended Somerfield on the high street following a report of three males being abusive to the staff. Once at the store the three males were identified to the PCSO and she gave them suitable advice on leaving the store at the staff’s request. This was not complied with by one of the males who continued the abusive behaviour towards the PCSO. The male was dealt with by means of an £80 fixed penalty notice for his disorderly behaviour in a public place.

“On 18 January a man was stopped by PCSO Swinney on the high street as he was the registered keeper of a car that had no road tax, no insurance and no valid MOT. The man then decided that he would drive back to his home address. He was later visited at his home, interviewed under caution for the above offences by PC Ince and reported to attend court.

“On 19 January a similar offence occurred again. A woman was stopped by PCSO Giles as she was the registered keeper of a car that had no valid MOT. Again, the woman decided not to wait as requested and she drove the car back to her home address. The woman was later visited at her home, interviewed under caution for the above offence by PC Ince and reported to attend court.

“The above three cases are evidence that although the PCSO's do not have all the powers of a police officer they are still part of the same organisation. If you do commit offences you will be dealt with in the same manner as you would expect to be dealt with by any member of Thames Valley Police.

“On 25 January PCSO Giles attended Witney and Abingdon College with Schools Officer PC Simon Collins. They gave a talk to teenagers with learning difficulties to familiarise them with the police and how they can help them.

“The potential for flooding increased this month and PCSOs Andrews, Hale and Rabson assisted with evacuations at Bablock Hythe on the 19 January. They have been giving flooding advice to residents as well as monitoring the River Windrush at periods of heavy rain.”

“The crackdown on underage drinking appears to have been successful. There have been only two seizures of alcohol in January.

“PCSO Rabson has been regularly patrolling all the villages with new PCSO Isabel Webb and we are pleased to report that it has been very quiet.”

Posted : 04/02/2008 13:23:31

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