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Witney Neighbourhood Management Update - March

Sgt Scott Evans reports with this month’s update for Witney: "The Witney NAG is pleased to announce that it has now been joined by some youth representatives recruited from a local sixth form to help the NAG engage with local youth issues. This is a really positive step forward. It is important to get views and ideas from younger people when considering issues and the group will now be able to do this.

"To ensure our continued effective engagement with the community we have also been working to develop key contacts in the community through the strands of diversity:

1. Visible minority ethnic communities

2. Migrant workers

3. Rural commerce

4. Less able

5. Race/religion

6. Specific sexual orientation

7. Elected members / stake holders

"The idea is to get a feel for the pulse of the community across the whole spectrum and pick up any tensions early, by clear communication channels between the police and public. We have almost completed this project but are still looking for interested parties from visible ethnic and specific sexual orientation communities to come forward to assist. If you are interested or know anyone who may be please contact Sgt Evans.

"The recruitment drive for the Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Thames Valley continues. If you are interested in this career opportunity you will find further information at the website: rewardingrole.co.uk. You will also find further information on the Thames Valley Police website and can contact any of the team by phone, email or visit. There are a further two recruitment events to take place on the following date (further details of times/venues to be confirmed).

28 March in Abingdon
4 April in Oxford

"We are now starting to see the results of this recruitment campaign. The new PCSOs are being tutored by our existing team. I hope to have lots of feedback in the near future about the positive contribution being made by the PCSOs in the community and the greater visible presence we will be able to achieve.

"We are sad to see PC Chris Skae leave the team on secondment as a full time Youth Issues Officer. However, he will continue to work closely with the team based at the partnership office in West Oxon District Council. Chris will now be able to dedicate his time to youth issues and make a very positive contribution. He will retain his links with the NAG as the work that he is doing on that currently ties in very well with his new role. The NAG is looking to develop on last year's 'YAZ' event (more on this in future updates).

"The remaining team members have been abstracted to support response a number of times this month. They have, however, been able to concentrate some of their activity on antisocial behaviour and underage drinking. This included some alcohol seizures in the town centre on 9 February, resulting in letters being sent to parents. The team have also been supported in this activity by the Oxfordshire proactive team who focused their patrol activity around the town centre problem areas over a two week period.

"The team also took part in an ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) and speed check in Minster Lovell on 21 February."

Posted : 06/03/2007 22:20:45

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